9 herbs to relieve toothache

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How to relieve toothache Who said you always have to take medicine? Try using these herbs to help relieve symptoms. Guaranteed to work!

 Oh… Toothache ! Anyone who has never experienced this kind of symptom will never know exactly how painful it is. Even though sometimes the symptoms are not that severe. But it can be a distraction throughout the day. Taking painkillers frequently is not good for your health. Don’t be discouraged by this problem just yet. If you haven’t yet tried these 9 herbs that are guaranteed to help relieve toothache. At least it would help reduce the pain before going to the dentist.

Herbs for toothache relief

1. Cloves

          in dentistry Cloves are considered an herb that is very effective in treating toothache. In particular, clove oil has an anesthetic effect, which some dentists use as a substitute for strong anesthetics for the safety of their patients. Clove oil also helps kill germs that occur inside the mouth. How to use it is not difficult, just moisten a cotton swab with clove oil and place it in the area ยูฟ่าเบท http://ufabet999.app of ​​the tooth that hurts for a few minutes, it will help relieve the symptoms. But if you don’t have clove oil, Cloves can be placed on the area of ​​pain. or smashed and soaked with white liquor Then take a cotton ball soaked in white wine and put it in the place of pain as well. 

Herbs for toothache relief

2. Marigold

           : This type of marigold that we are familiar with has more benefits than just being used as a beautiful decoration. Because if 7-8 dried flowers are boiled with the right amount of water and sipped throughout the day. It can reduce toothache without having to rely on painkillers. It can also drive away heat in the body.

Herbs for toothache relief

3. Coriander seeds

          We may have heard that frequently rinsing your mouth with salt water can reduce toothache. That’s true. But if you rinse too often, you may experience negative effects from the salt mixed with water instead. Because salt has high sodium content. which is not good for health Therefore, we recommend that you try boiling coriander seeds with water. Then use it to rinse your mouth often. Don’t be afraid of getting too much sodium. It can also relieve toothache. It’s a lot better than salt water, you see?   

4. Morning glory, 

morning glory that we like to eat as a side vegetable with Isaan food such as papaya salad. It helps relieve toothache symptoms as well. By pounding the roots of the morning glory, then squeezing out the water and mixing it with a little vinegar. Then suck it in for about 5 minutes, spit it out, and rinse your mouth with clean water. You will immediately feel that your toothache has decreased. 

Herbs for toothache relief

5. Bitter melon:

          “Sweet as fainting, bitter as medicine.” It wouldn’t be wrong to use this word with bitter melon. Because in addition to bitter melon having a cooling effect, it helps to drive away heat. The roots can also be used to treat toothache. Just take fresh roots, pound them until they’re crushed, then apply them to the area of ​​the tooth that hurts. Use your tongue to press for a few moments. Then spit it out. The annoying toothache will be relieved.

aloe vera

6. Aloe Vera

aloe vera A universal herb that can treat a variety of symptoms. Not only helps heal wounds Or just quench the heat But it can also kill germs and break down the toxins of germs. Therefore, it is not strange if it is used to treat toothaches due to tooth decay. Just take aloe vera and wash all the rubber off. Cut into small pieces and place in the gaps between the painful teeth. Or take a cotton swab dipped in aloe vera gel and apply it to the affected area to temporarily relieve the pain. So that you don’t have to suffer before going to the dentist.


7. Garlic oil

          Besides fresh garlic, it has many benefits. Garlic oil can also help temporarily relieve toothache pain. Just soak a cotton ball with garlic oil and apply it to the area of ​​the toothache. Leave it for a while and the symptoms will decrease. But this method will only help relieve symptoms temporarily.

Herbs for toothache relief

8. Tea leaves

           Tea leaves have properties that should not be overlooked, that is, they help reduce inflammation and reduce swollen gums. Therefore, it is suitable to be used to relieve toothache. Simply soak the dried tea leaves in hot water for about 20 minutes and wait until the tea begins to warm. Then gargle it often to help reduce toothache. But don’t forget to rinse with clean water. Because tea can cause plaque to form.

Herbs for toothache relief

 9. Chives Seeds:

          Let’s end with a vegetable product that we are all too familiar with: chives. It must be said that the seeds that come from the chive tree can relieve toothache from tooth decay. In traditional Chinese medicine, chive seeds are roasted until blackened. Then take it and smash it. dissolved in rubber oil Soak a cotton ball with latex oil mixed with crushed chive seeds and put it on the area where the toothache is from tooth decay. Leaving it overnight will relieve toothache and help kill bacteria that cause tooth decay.