Pochettino is happy as Chelsea makes amends from last week.

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Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino confirmed he was very happy with his team’s 3-2 win over Brighton, making amends for last week’s sloppy loss to Newcastle.

“It’s crazy. It’s the most competitive league.”

“We started well. We played well at 11v11, it was a complicated second half with one less player.”

“Brighton are a very good team and played well. We must retreat deeply. But we scored the third goal with one less player.” UFABET

“The team is very tired. We are all tired. But overall I’m happy. After the Newcastle game, we had to show a different face. That is why I am happy.”

With a fading form after leading 2-0, “It was only the last 5 minutes before we lost a goal and got a red card. I need to watch the game again. But the second half was good. Overall we deserved to win.”

On Conor Gallagher’s red card, “I don’t believe it was a red card. I have to watch it again. We have to understand the referee. But they also need to understand us.”

with the decision of VAR “Why do they give a penalty and then come and check VAR? (Colville’s handball)?

“It’s hard to understand why. It’s not a complaint or criticism. Why did Mudrik’s penalty have to wait for VAR? And where he gives handball? It’s very strange the way we use VAR sometimes.’

“But we have to be happy after the victory.” Pochettino said.