De La Fuente confirms there is no problem with Xavi over Gabi.

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Luis de la Fuente insists Xavi Hernandez understands Gabi’s injury was an accident. Spain national team coach Luis de la Fuente confirmed to Diario Sport on Sunday that. He has no conflicts with Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez in the case. Pablo Martin, Paez, Cabira and Gabi were seriously injured while playing with the Bulls.

Gabi suffered a serious injury in the game between Spain and Georgia in the Euro 2024 qualifying round. The 19-year-old midfielder suffered a torn ACL in his right knee and damage his meniscus. Requiring surgery to repair it before resting for approximately 6-9 months to recover. It is report that Xavi and the Azulgrana team are unhappy with the Spanish Football Federation. And de la Fuente for overuse of Xavi, causing serious injury to the player UFABET

But once tensions eased, de la Fuente confirmed to the media that. He had no conflicts with Xavi over Gabi’s injury. As the Azulgrana coach knows accidents can happen.

‘I have a good relationship with Xavi. We respect each other as professionals. And he understands it [Gabi’s injury] was an accident.’ He said.

Both Barcelona and Spain are hoping Gabi will be able to recover from his injury and return to full fitness again. It is expect that he should be ready to return to the field in August next year. But the 19-year-old midfielder will not rush back until. His body is fully 100 percent, especially with ‘La Roja’.