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aloe vera One of the Thai herbal plants that Thai people know well and have used widely and for a long time. It is one of the traditional herbs that can often be seen in most backyards. With many properties to help take care of your health. Both are use as both internal medicine and external medicine. Including being able to use it as one of the skin care and beauty products as well. With so many properties. It is not surprising that aloe vera is popularly planted in almost every home.

What is aloe vera?

The external appearance of the crocodile plant is slender and has thorns on the side, similar to the tail of a crocodile, hence the name. But that aloe vera The place of origin is far away. Mediterranean coast and southern Africa. And was imported to be widely used in the southeastern Asian region.

Aloe vera is normally a plant that grows in the tropics and later spread to Asia and Europe. Until today, aloe vera is popular all over the world. There are more than 300 species of aloe vera, which range from smaller than 10 centimeters to large species. The special feature of aloe vera is that It has pointed, needle-like leaves. It has a thick texture and has a sticky mucus inside.

Properties of aloe vera gel

The most well-known properties of aloe vera mucus are its ability to heal wounds and treat wounds caused by heat. The mucus gel inside the aloe vera has a cool appearance. Therefore, it is popular to use this part of the property first. Both are used as internal medicine. Used as external medicine and used to enhance beauty

How to use aloe vera internally

1. Aloe vera pulp has a laxative effect.

Aloe vera pulp has a laxative effect. and coats the stomach and intestines. Which can be used as a purgative or mild laxative. It can be obtained according สมัคร ufabet to the amount of medicinal plants use. And has the effect of taking care of gastritis. Can have intestinal inflammation

2. Maintain blood sugar levels

For patients with diabetes in the early stages Aloe vera pulp has the ability to reduce blood sugar levels. Relieving symptoms of disease, and aloe vera can be used as a medicine to prevent diabetes.

3. Suitable for people who have joint pain.

People with joint pain Clean aloe vera gel can be refrigerate. And eat it to relieve pain in various joints. It can be used both as jelly and as jelly. It can be blended into aloe vera juice. To make eating easier, it also helps relieve symptoms.